Voting Precincts

There are four Voting Precincts in Sun City

You need to know your Precinct number if you plan on attending your precinct convention after the Primary. That determines where you will meet with your fellow Republicans to begin the process of electing delegates to the county convention.

Your Voting Precinct number is not needed to vote.

Responsibilities of a Precinct Chair

Support the Parties Candidates

Get Out the Vote of people who will support their Party.

Coordinate the Precinct Convention

Other duties as needed

Precinct 381

Chairperson: Open

Cell number:

Email Address:

Map of 381

Precinct 393

Chairperson: Cathy Cody

Phone: 512-818-0974


 Map of 393  

Precinct 394

Chairperson: Gene Edwards

Phone: 520-990-1159

Email Address:

Map of 394

Precinct 396

Chairperson: Terry Putnam

Phone: 512-240-4537

Email Address:

Map of 396