Other Links of Interest

Information From Glenn Hagars Comptrollers Office

Glenn Hagars has had her department generate 4 folders of information about Your Tax Dollars and where they go.

Texas, It’s Your Money (summary of the 4 folders below)

Your Money and Taxing Facts

Your Money and Local Debt

Your Money and Education Debt

Your Money and Pension Obligations


Government Spending

A wealth of informaton about government finance – from local to state levels.

For example you can and should lookup information about existing debt when asked to vote on new bond issues.


State Election Information From The Secretary of State

This site has a very large amount of information but it takes some work to find what you want to know.


Information Resource About State Government

This site contains a lot of information about the Texas House and Senate and their activities.


Williamson County Information

This is the Willaimson County central information site. If you want to know something about elections go to this site and click on “Elections” on the right side of the screen.

To get a “Sample Ballot” go to the web site and click on Elections. The Elections page will be displayed. Now click on Voter Registration. A new page will appear and on it click on “Sample Ballot”. You will be prompted to enter you Name and Birthday. Do so and then after clicking on your name a screen comes up that requires you to click on either Democrat or Republican. At this point you will get the Sample Ballot.


Williamson County Republican Party

This is the Official Web Site of the Williamson County Republican Party – Bill Fairbrother Chairman


City of Georgetown

The Official City of Georgetown Web Site.


Republican Club of Sun City CA Site

This is the Club Web Site which is under the CA Web Site. The facilities provided by the CA for Web development are very limited. Which is why we have our own Web Site.


State Wide Judicial Information

This site provides information on the structure of the Judicary.


True The Vote

There is rampant voter fraud within our voting system. This orginization is a group of people trying to do something to combat this situation. The Web Site provides the oportunity to get involved and help eliminate this problem.